Tax & Accounting

Dental CPA

If the words “tax” and “accounting” make you want to rinse and spit, we understand. That’s why we’re here—your dental CPA team: made up of our two principals, a client manager, and a client service accountant; working for you to make tax and accounting a little less painful.

At Coleman, Ureda, Alford & Kaucher, we make tax and accounting understandable by providing you with monthly financial statements and graphs that let you know exactly where you stand and how the numbers relate to revenue and overhead control.

“State of the Practice” analysis and benchmarks help to uncover inefficiencies and anomalies that affect practice profitability. Surprises at tax time are minimized by tax projections given throughout year. As a client, you’ll receive our proactive, confidential support on all of the financial matters that arise in your practice. Utilizing the knowledge of our team and the tools we offer enables you to focus less on the business of dentistry and more on your patients.

Additionally, because your office building is one of your most important assets, we work with a group of specialized engineers who perform cost segregation studies. A cost segregation study thoroughly analyzes a building’s components in order to segregate personal property from real property. The result of such a study provides documentation needed to capture or recoup substantial tax and cash flow benefits.

At the heart of our tax and accounting services is our commitment to understanding who you are—your vision, direction and philosophy—so that we can help you achieve your goals.