Employment & HR

Dental CPA

We know it can be hard to find peace of mind about your human resources matters. When you have to deal with everything from hiring and firing to harassment and discrimination, it’s tough to be sure that you’re always protected by the law. To provide you with the guidance you need to navigate the tricky employment law compliance landscape, we work with Bent Ericksen and Associates.

Bent Ericksen and Associates are approved to provide continuing education credits on the subject of Employment Law Compliance and Human Resources by the Academy of General Dentistry. They offer products and services that can help you prepare and deal with Human Resources issues. The professionals at Bent Ericksen and Associates, along with your local BOP consultant, Sue Ureda, can help you with creating your customized employee manual, reviewing possible terminations, investigating claims of harassment or discrimination, dealing with various types of leave, and more.

In addition to ensuring you are in compliance with employment law, they can consult with you to increase your hiring success, reduce your turnover, and improve employee morale. Clarifying the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employees prevents misunderstandings in the workplace. Find the peace of mind and legal protection you’ve been looking for by trusting the experts with your employment law compliance issues.