Miscellaneous Topics

for your consideration as of August 12, 2020.

  • FFCRA Rules at the Moment
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce Letters
  • Unclaimed Property Reminder
  • Relief for Retirement Account Owners
  • ADA Advocacy

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Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Money Gone?

If I received a dollar for every time a dental client said to me, “I made that much money? But I don’t have anything in the bank!” I would be able to retire in style! How often have you said the same to your CPA? Many of our clients are convinced that the net income number on their profit and loss statement should equal the cash in their bank.
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Shop Til You Drop

Shop ’til you drop. Bargain sales. Discounted, today only! Women have the reputation, earned or not, of being thrifty and savvy buyers. And let’s face it, most of us like a bargain.

So how do you obtain discounts when you purchase business equipment?
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Practice Finance

Dentistry is a $65 billion-dollar-a-year industry and growing. So is the chance for embezzlement.

True or false? Women are more trusting in relationships; therefore, female dentists are more likely to miss embezzlement in their offices. False. According to Donald P. Lewis. DDS.
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Owning your own building is like money in the bank

Considering all the economic uncertainty caused by the events of the past year – terrorists, accounting problems, corporate bungling, and market fluctuations – many doctors are looking for inventive ways to improve the health of their practice. One innovative method that has surfaced from the murkiest depth – the tax law – is a cost segregation study.
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